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Dried Brewers Yeast


Spent yeast, which is a by-product from beer making factories is delivered to our factory by tank truck.  The fresh spent yeast is stored in refrigerated tanks before being dried by our rotary drum dryers.  This process uses a steam heated drum where the yeast dries on a hot surface and then removed with a knife system.  The dried yeast is then ground in a precision grinder into a mesh powder and then bagged for sale and for export.

Our yeast is high in protein, 41% - 51% as stated by SGS Labs and has a high quality of vitamin B, a beneficial ingredient for animal feeds and pollen supplements.


Ag Pro spent many months designing and constructing the world's biggest dryer drum, enabling us to dry 500kgs of yeast per hour for consistent quality of dried brewers yeast products.


Please click on the photos below for larger images.

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